Arten's Treehouse

    Oppening Hours:

    19:00 - 22:00 ST

    Discord Server

    Come for some relaxation and chill time in this cozy treehouse café/club. The Venue is located on a lovely green mountaintop. If your friends fancy a place to socialize or dance, you can definitely do that here.

    Patrons of the Treehouse are required to follow these rules:
    Non roleplayers are welcome to the venue, but please respect the community and do not run, jump or disturb any of the other players in the venuePlayers need to hide their weapons and minions before entering the venue ( Teddy is an exception )Staff will use /yell and /shout for announcements and talk. Patrons should use /sayPatrons of the cafe should come properly dressed - no nudity.Do not take baths in the pond in the cafe, if you want to splash around somewhere we offer a bath house.If you have any disagreements they must be taken outside - no fighting inside the premises
    You are always welcome to check the venue, but keep in mind that it wont be staffed outside the working hours.

    The Venue is LGBTQ+ friendly.

    Partners & Communities

    Goblet - Ward 11 - Plot 12

    Here you will find your deepest desires come to life or lose them in a fleeting dream…
    Come on in, take a load off and relax at the bar or follow the Dark Rabbit down and dance your cares away in our club...

    Why not pay our lovely "Desires" a visit, they can show you how to find Eden… in many different ways!
    LGBTQ+ Friendly Venue

    Phoenix Goblet - Ward 8 - Plot 8

    We pride ourselves as the Premier Gambling Club in Light Datacentre. Our focus is a fast-paced, high-octane & flawless gambling experience you won't find anywhere else. Come marvel at the birthplace of Phoenix Blackjack & many more!
    Join us for a spectacular casino experience. Bet in style in our top floor Casino with our take on Blackjack, Poker & Roulette or indulge yourself in our downstairs Nightclub. Enjoy a night with our alluring entertainers & take a gamble at one of our themed cocktails designed in house by our amazing mixologists to keep you busy all night!

    Endless Nights is a social events community based on Zodiark. With several venues and multiple recurring events, we strive to provide the players on the Light datacenter with quality events to roleplay and hang out at.
    In addition to hosting our own venues and events, Endless Nights also serves as a hub for other venues and hosts to bring their ideas to the masses.


    How to order

    All the snacks and drinks in the menu of the cafe are made from Kokonina Vivinina and his K'oko Mart produce.

    You can /shout from your seat and someone from the staff will be with you to take your order. Or you can simply go to the counter and order there.

    Customers of Arten's Treehouse are expected to pay in real gil. All of the Gil earned through the opening hours will be used for upgrading and expanding the venue.

    Orange Juice800Gil
    Grape Juice1000Gil
    Ishgardian Tea1300Gil
    Triple Cream Coffee1500Gil
    Chocolate Bubble Candy500Gil
    Honey Muffin1000Gil
    Apple Tart1400Gil
    Coffee Biscuits1600Gil
    Chocolate Cake1800Gil
    Lemon Waffle2000Gil
    Pixie Apple Pie2000Gil
    Pixie Berry Cheesecake2000Gil

    How to order

    You can simply go to the bar and order there.

    Customers of Arten's Treehouse are expected to pay in real gil. All of the Gil earned through the opening hours will be used for upgrading and expanding the venue.

    More info on how your drink is made? Dont be shy ask your bartender.

    Services offered at the bar

    Gridanian Sherbert Lemon SoursA handful of freshly squeezed sun lemons mixed with out signature vodka and spices, giving you that sweet and tangy flavour to really get you into the party zone or a pallet cleanser, either way you won’t be disappointed500gil
    Uldah CiderFreshly distilled and crated up should you require a more mellow one to ease yourself into the night, recommended for people wanting to relax and enjoy the atmosphere1300Gil
    Treehouse Signature Long Island Iced TeaA lively medley of gin, vodka, rum, tequila and cointreau with cola and lemon, served in a cool glasse with ice to suit1500Gil
    Kholusian Fig FizzCreated with fresh figs, fruit juices and a mystery ingredient, sparkling in our champagne flute giving you that regal look!1800Gil
    Aleport Pineapple CiderComing to you straight from the brewers at Aleport, a sweet refreshing taste to wet your whistle and give you a mellow buzz2500Gil
    Deep Forest Bloody MaryFreshly squeezed Ruby Tomato juice picked from the deep forests in Gridania, mixed with lemon juice and house vodka, to give you a stunning red concoction designed to really get your blood pumping3000Gil
    Pixieberry Cocktail.4500Gil
    Signature DrinksDescriptionPrice
    Hydaelyn's AnswerA mixture of Peachsnapps, vodka and freshly crushed blueberries, shaking together with club soda and ice, giving this a shimmering blue colour, a silky smooth drink to erase any bad mood of the day5000Gil
    Lunar NightbloomInspired by the Lady of Night! She shall prevail! A mixture of Rum, vodka and fresh lavender, gently mixed to allow the infusion of the lavender.. poured over ice. A stiff drink with a purple colour5000Gil
    Shiva's OblivionVodka, blue curaçao and fresh Lemonade, served in a glass full of crushed ice to give you that slushy taste.. just like Shiva herself too many of these and you may find you have brain freeze5000Gil


    Artemis Tia

    With a smile on his face and Teddy by his side. He will always make sure you have a warm welcome.

    Valen Oakenheart

    Not your typical bartender. He does everything with class and sass. Quite the chatty guy, to make your time at the bar a lovely experience.


    K'oko Tia

    Manager of K'oko Mart is our most shy waiter in the cafe. Try not to make any sudden movements around this kitty or you might scare him.

    Hyder Bareth

    A small adventurer with a big heart, he's ready to serve food and smiles! Wither it is giving you a drink or a hug, he'll do anything to make you happy. Hopefully there wont be another fight with the coffee machine.

    Ameena Draven
    Our sweet but sassy barmaid, here to serve you drinks and happily chat with you but don't get too fresh with her, she's happily married.

    Y'mira Sharo

    Tengan Kusonoki

    Fierce from the start and to the end. I'm the guy u can always talk about stuff or need help in the game feel free to hit me up.
    Oh and yeah stay frosty

    Bob Tay

    Guardian of Tarot, Casino and Spa. He doesn`t look very nice, but he will be if you are. Ear wiggles included.

    Tarot Reader

    R'haelynn Dhen

    Unlock the mysteries of the stars with R'haelynn Dhen. With the help of her tarot, the aspiring master Astrologian is here to guide you in your adventures...or perhaps even in love.

    Resident DJ

    Dark Rabbit

    Nobody knows what he seeks, but one thing is for sure, whatever he is, your feet will not stop dancing, you will jump and you will headbang. The soul of a hunter and the killing beats of a musician


    Spectra Phantom

    An aspiring model, a great dancer and official photographer for Arten's Beach Shack, Spectra will get you off your chairs and onto the dance floor in no time.

    Azami Aokaga

    Raise a glass and let yourself get enchanted by this fiery Au'ra, you're guaranteed an unforgettable night and a lightened heart when you spend some time with her, so don't miss out on this experience, she'd love to meet you!

    Adora Amare

    The cool cat with the silver tongue. Adora won't fly into your arms, but once he's warmed up to you, you're in for something unforgettable, so be careful or you'll get your heart stolen and thank him for it!

    Artemis Frost

    This half vampire half Viera will charm you with just one look. Should you want some time with him, he will make sure your night is enjoyable.

    Revan Nero

    Returning to the stages of Arten’s Treehouse, this Viera knows how to move and get people on the dance floor with his infectious demeanour, fluffy ears and killer abs and alluring dances… what more could you want? Oh did we mention he’s hireable for most things too.



    Teddy Tia

    While renovating the Treehouse, this lovely fellow became a pet to Artemis. Teddy is now by his side and is really well trained. Bring snacks for him when you visit.

    The Treehouse offers a magical and mystical experience now. Come and enjoy a real tarot reading by our lovely R'haelynn Dhen. More info about Lynn and her reading can be found at her website.

    Lynn's Astrodomus

    Focus Reading10 minutes50 000 gil
    Basic Spread20 minutes65 000 gil
    Spirit Animal20 minutes85 000 gil
    Advanced Spread40 minutes100 000 gil
    Advanced Spread (couples)40-50 minutes120 000 gil

    Please note that the reading can be done out of character and in character. The slots for readings are limited so make sure to notify Artemis Tia if you want a reading for the night.

    If you want a service for the night, please talk to Artemis Tia.


    VIP at the Treehouse club is 150 000Gil per person for the night.
    For party of 4 VIP is 500 000Gil.

    Please note there is a limited amount of VIP's for the night, so make sure to reserve your spot early.

    What do you get as VIP?

    > Access to a private VIP booth
    > Bar to table service
    > A free signature drink and 30% off on all the bar drinks
    > Optional private dancer for you or your whole party to liven up the night
    > One Free Private dance for 1 hour
    > 50% Discount for the Private dances, after the first free one

    Services provided by our Dancers

    Private Dance30 Minutes75,000Gil
    Private Dance1 hour150,000Gil
    Private DanceWhole Night500,000Gil
    BF/GF Experience**1 hour150,000Gil
    ERP Serviceenquire to staff members 

    **Please note that the BF/GF Experience does not provide ERP!

    Dancers available for Private Dance:

    Bath House

    30 Minutes15 000Gil
    1 Hour30 000Gil